Instant Brand Recognition

Your traffic knows what they’ll find because your domain name itself makes the value proposition

Instant Credibilit

Own a premium, high quality domain that’ll help you stand out from the crowd

Word of Mouth

Memorable names enhance word of mouth which is one of the most valuable lead sources

High SEO potential

Own a domain containing a keyword phrase that is directly related to your industry / audience

Shorter is better

Avoid meaningless URL shorteners by using shorter domain names that work well on social media and have better recall value

Secure your brand

Protect your brand name from being registered by others/competition


Premium domain names
are short and intuitive words that are more likely to be a successful domain.
Premium domains are already owned by someone and are up for sale. Vensy Data Center lets
you buy premium domains that are available for purchase.

Premium domain names come with a lot of advantages. When you buy something that has already been on the internet, you buy its heritage. Its brand, its SEO advantage, its reputation, the direct traffic it attracts, and the trust users have on it. Not just that, there’s more to it. The most basic one being your need for a perfect name!

You can manage your premium domain like you manage all your other regular domains with Vensy Data Center from your Control Panel.

Your premium name purchase will happeninstantly. Activation usually takes 5-7 days but can extend to 2-3 weeks,
depending on the seller of the name

We will refund the entire amount back to you. No questions asked!